Art Energy Healing  Classes/Workshops

Starting out as a Healer, and now an Artist, I invite you to work with me in creating a life you love.

My Art is what keeps me connected to who I am at the very deepest part of myself. It brings me joy and inspires me through Nature.

For more on my Art, please visit my Art page: Art-Uniquely Inspired

My healing blends traditional with energetic healing to envelop and embrace you in warm, comforting support as you travel your own life’s path.

I’m guessing you are finally ready to create a life that brings you more joy, peace, and abundance without feeling that life instead is creating YOUbut do you:

live with fear and anxiety and nothing seems to fully and completely help? Do you ever feel not good enough or feel incomplete or afraid and just can’t figure out why?

want real hands-on tools and to develop skills that bring about sustainable change and transformation?

ever feel that you are living your life around expectations that aren’t coming from your own heart?

try to manage stress, or even fear, but feel it still “creeps up” now and then?

Are you ready to create a life that brings you more joy, peace and abundance without feeling that life instead is creating YOU?

If even one of these questions sounds even remotely like you, I would love to share how you can make sustainable changes that truly last…


Beth, thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past year. You have become so important to me, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. – Nancy N.

 When we make changes on a truly spiritual and energetic level, these changes are often  more sustainable and powerful because they come from the very essence of who we are.  That’s where Energy Healing comes in:

Reiki and Energy Healing can help you to repair and restore all the energy that you have stored as  a result of all of your life experiences and brings you back into true balance.

I use my highly-intuitive approach along with my many years of formal education and experience of helping others to help you feel inspired, empowered, and connected to your own true path. I stand firm in my belief that the wealth of my experiences, both personally and professionally, have prepared me to guide you.

“These are priceless tools for me to be able to use to help with so much good…I feel protected, very loved, and so thankful. Thank you again, Beth, you’re a true blessing. God bless you. – Jennifer A.

My Offerings:

Reiki, Healing, Art sessions plus workshops - Point Pleasant, NJ


Reiki, Healing,  plus workshops – Point Pleasant… or anywhere in the world.

I can help you through in-person services or distantly.

                             My Office

Reiki, Healing, Art sessions plus workshops - Point Pleasant, NJ

If you live locally, you can visit me at:

3156 Route 88, Suite 2

Point Pleasant, NJ 08742

(908) 910-9353

If you do not live locally, please reach out to me so we can set up your distant sessions.


 Marin Integrative Therapy, LLC.


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